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After his family told him that his family tree contains 16 psychopaths, Fallon still couldn’t figure out the unanswered question. Fallon took a few brain scans of himself and his psychopathic family and was even more shocked than before. It turns out that his brain has the exact same form of a psychopath brain. Fallon’s family had a long record of criminal history, so why hasn’t he turned evil yet? There are many reasons why, no one can tell if a newborn child will turn to criminal and no one knows if they are going to be good. Fallon had mentioned in the BBC program that he had a great childhood, in fact “better than most”. His parents had raised him in an appropriate manner, and has had a good live ever since. Is this study suggesting that even if someones family is filled with murders that there is a very high chance of not being close to one? I guess there is afterall.



James Fallon

James Fallon

As seen in the image above, many people can asume that his facial feature give him the look of a psychopath/killer. James Fallon also has the MAOA which is also known as the warrior gene. MAOA gene is known for having a higher level of aggression than an average person.

Good or Evil? – James Fallon

Recently American neuroscientist James Fallon was featured on a BBC program ‘Are you good or evil’ and in this serie  Fallon discovered that his family lines consists of murders and psychopaths. During the show he figured out that 16 of his close family members were murders, and left him in shock since he hasn’t committed any crimes in his lifetime.

There are many studies and it has been proven that genetics play a huge role in how one person acts. Everyone would expect that Fallon would be a murder but he hasn’t done anything wrong. On BBC his family mentioned that he loses his temper very quickly and is quite of a ‘hot head’. His son also mentions that his looks could pass as being a psychopaths.

Criminals are made? – Child Rearing

The other side to the debate is if criminals were made. Everyone wonders where criminals come from if it isn’t passed on by genetics. Ones childhood is a crucial part of someones life. It is when you learn the wrong and the right, but if someones childhood doesn’t turn out to be that way then it could lead to many problems. Growing up in voilent neighbourhood or growing up with people who don’t do the right things can get someone influenced very quickly by their actions. For example if a child’s role model is his father (and the father is an alcoholic and a crack user) then his child will turn out to be the same way, not due to genetics, but due to the influence. If children were raised in a poor neighbourhood then have to struggle to find food and often steal in order to survive. But growing up in a bad neighbourhood isn’t the only reason why children become criminals…

Child Rearing:

“Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood. Parenting refers to the activity of raising a child rather than the biological relationship.”

It is very important to raise a child in a proper way, and it’s a very hard job to teach a child what the difference is between the good and the evil. There are 4 different types of child rearing.

Induction: This is the most used strategy. It teaches the child what they did wrong and the parents then teaches them the consequences without any punishments.  

Love withdrawal: This strategy is also used worldwide. When the child has misbehaved the parents show them “no love” as they completely ignore the child until the child apologies and learns

Power assertion: This strategy is the most violent one. Instead of telling the child what they have done wrong they psychically hit them and verbally threaten the child. The strategy is one of the reasons why children grow up being more aggressive then usual and they could turn to criminality

Criminals are born?

People still debate over the question if criminals were born or made. The answer is that criminals are both born and made. Studies were done showing that criminal behaviour runs in families through genetics, or even adoption studies which show whether a child was raised in the wrong way or if the child had natural bad behavour problems. Other studies had been carried out explaining whether criminals were born. For example if they had any brain damage such as XYY syndrome (also known as the Klinefelter syndrom). If you have the XYY syndrome it is more likely to look more taller, have more facial features and  could be more aggressive than a average person.  This Syndrome happens to even 1 in 1000 newborn boys in USA.


There are many different meaning of what a “criminal” is. There are many different types of criminals: stealing, vandalism, murder etc. But what is the meaning behind the crimes? Do people commit crimes because they learn to live that way, or do they commit crime because they need to. So what is the true definition of a Crime?


  1. An action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law
    • – shoplifting was a serious crime
  2. Illegal activities
    • – the victims of crime
  3. An action or activity that, although not illegal, is considered to be evil, shameful, or wrong
    • – they condemned apartheid as a crime against humanity
    • – it’s a crime to keep a creature like Willy in a tank


    “Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it”